The InformationLeader Dashboard Module

The best way to visualise important data in InformationLeader is to use the dashboard module. Available in version 5.3 onward, the dashboard summarises all system data recorded in InformationLeader. This includes form assignments (who a form has been assigned to for completion), workflow, and form count, to name a few applications. This occurs in real-time, so the dashboard doesn’t need manual prompting to show visualised data. Previously in order for users to get this type of overview, a report needed to be manually generated.


One example of the dashboard.

You no longer need to navigate away from the dashboard to drill down into data presented. All information shown in the dashboard can be actioned from within the same module. This streamlines workflow, saving time.

One important scenario that the dashboard can be used for is tracking Critical Control Points (CCPs). If a user flags a critical issue, the dashboard will display a clear graph detailing all CCPs that have been raised over a specified period of time.

The dashboard enables managers to gain an understanding of how users are using InformationLeader at a glance.

  • Data is being managed and processed in a timely manner
  • Workflows are being completed appropriately
  • Can assess individual user’s workloads

You can track the average time that it takes a form to be completed, and if data is being managed and processed so that no issues are left unaccounted for all from within the dashboard module.

Dashboards are customisable to every user individually, so you can ensure that you only see information that is relevant to you. Filtering on the dashboard allows managers to focus solely on their team and forms relating to them.

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