The InformationLeader Knowledge Base

If you have a quick question about InformationLeader make sure to take a look at the InformationLeader Knowledge Base. Browse through user submitted questions and articles that range topics such as Terminology through to Form Builders. Each topic has in-depth articles written by the InformationLeader support team to help explain various concepts and best practice when using the software.



InformationLeader Knowledge Base

Current topics available on the Knowledge Base:

  • Administration
  • Coding Entries
  • Contacting Support
  • Crystal Reports
  • Documents
  • Forms
  • Form Builder
  • Getting Started
  • IIS
  • Role Maintenance
  • Server
  • Terminology
  • Troubleshooting
  • User Maintenance

If you have a question you would like answered please do not hesitate to contact InformationLeader Support.

Provides efficiency gains in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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