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InformationLeader is a web-based data capture, management,
and reporting platform. It is globally recognised as a compliant replacement for costly paper-based forms and processes.

Let InformationLeader help you focus on activities that drive performance and value, rather than sifting through paperwork.

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Customers across the globe trust InformationLeader to help their businesses.

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Auditable, Traceable, Paperless

InformationLeader consolidates paper and software-based business information into a single system, while maintaining full auditability and compliance with all national and international regulatory requirements.

For over two decades organisations have used InformationLeader to manage their information, introduce traceability, and acquire powerful insights from their captured data. 


Turn accountability into opportunity

The InformationLeader platform has been used in industry and government around the world. Its flexibility and wealth of features have delivered quantifiable gains and significant return on investment across a broad range of implementations.

Real-time Data Capture

InformationLeader's features allow your organisation to electronically capture, analyse, and centrally manage traditionally paper-based information without having to develop all new procedures.

Complete Traceability

Review historic data and perform on the spot audits at the click of a button. InformationLeader electronic signatures meet and exceed e-signature requirements and provide security from data changes after sign-off.

Fully Versioned Records & Documents

Records saved in the past look exactly as they did at time of capture, including all relevant documentation and summary reports - an essential requirement for auditable systems.

Customised To Your Needs

Through consultation with our experienced team, your business processes and workflows are digitised using the InformationLeader Platform.

Centralised & Interconnected Data

Forms, workflows, and reports all work together. Data captured in one area can be used and displayed in other areas of the platform or compiled into reports. Work faster with smarter integrated systems.

A Wealth of Features

Benefit from over two decades worth of implementations and customer requests. You’ll have access to tailored real-time reporting, with information stored on-premise or in the cloud.

Systems built using InformationLeader

Quality Assurance

InformationLeader has helped exporters meet stringent US FDA, EU, Japanese, and Australian requirements for over two decades. 

Our clients have complete Quality Assurance, and Quality Control systems built using the InformationLeader platform. 

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Health & Safety

From risk identification and analysis, and employee training and certification through to incident reporting and identifying opportunities for improvement, InformationLeader gives you a complete health and safety information management system. 

Environmental Management

InformationLeader allows you to implement a web-based electronic version of your environmental management system.

Some scenarios built in InformationLeader are used to track greenhouse gas, waste, and carbon emissions, or store environmental impact documentation. 

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Turn your paper-based processes, spreadsheets and forms into efficient digital workstreams with InformationLeader and allow central and regional departments to seamlessly work together. 

Centralised employee records, training schedules and course information, and issue management are just some of the scenarios that clients are using InformationLeader to manage. 

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Interested in the InformationLeader difference?

Provides efficiency gains in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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