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Features & Benefits

InformationLeader enables your organisation to electronically capture, analyse and centrally manage traditionally paper-based information without having to develop all new procedures. Take advantage of having your business and operational information available at your fingertips: in real-time, in one location with a full audit trail of every interaction with the system.

Real-time electronic data capture

Smart, fully customisable templates tailored to your needs.

Consolidate business information

Combine disparate systems into one platform so that the information you need is only a few clicks away.

Complete traceability of all information

InformationLeader's powerful search and reporting functionality allows you to search over any field and chart, track and monitor your quality information from any angle.

Data management simplified

Managing the captured information is more efficient with real-time alerts, reminders, and automated workflows ensuring that the right information is getting to the right people at the right time.

Reporting made easy

Data captured feeds directly into live dashboards and scheduled reporting. This ensures that supervisors and managers can have tailored views over the captured data without spending time creating and managing information into readable reports with cumbersome spreadsheets.

Scales with your organisational growth and needs

A system that grows with you and can adapt to changing business environments without costly customisation.

Secure and Compliant

InformationLeader is a secure web based solution trusted by organisations across the world to help them meet all necessary regulatory requirements.

Improve business efficiency

Direct electronic data entry eliminates the need to re-enter data from paper based forms and enables instant collation of information and re-use.

A wealth of experience

Benefit from over two decade’s worth of implementations and customer requests.

The ideal data capture, management, and reporting platform for regulated environments.

Join our growing list of success stories and become an Information Leader today. 

Provides efficiency gains in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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