Environmental Management

The built-in document management system houses environmental policy, plans, and other documentation. The highly flexible forms module allows you to capture outcomes, undertake audits, and ensure that your facility is meeting stated objectives and targets. The workflow module allows you to record and track audit outcomes to ensure that outstanding issues are actioned and followed up. The reports module can assist identification of trends and demonstrate compliance at the click of a button. Data validation and automated notifications customised to how your business operates and your own targets as well as according to client specifications.

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Our clients use InformationLeader to capture, manage, and report on data for the below scenarios

Track Greenhouse Gas, Waste, and Carbon Emissions

Log Electricity, Water, and Fertiliser Usuage

Store Training Records

Log Water Quality

Environmental Management Plans

Approval, Lease and other obligations tracked and managed

Store Environmental Impact Documentation

Resource Tracking

Flexible Resource Tracking Forms

Electricity, water, fuel, and greenhouse gas emissions can be tracked and compared against production-related information such as product output, operating times, suppliers, and maintenance incidents to identify any trends and minimise waste.

Powerful Reporting Features

Reports can relate tracked resources to production information to help identify any anomalies or optimum operating rates. Reports can also be scheduled to automatically be sent to relevant stakeholders at regular intervals.

Fully Versioned Records

Records saved in the past look exactly as they did at the time of capture, including all relevant attachments and summary reports – an essential requirement for auditable systems.

Integrate with Monitoring Devices

Log data directly in to Information Leader to ensure accuracy and eliminate the need to ‘double enter’ information.

Automatic Notifications

Emails, reports, system messages and requests can automatically be sent from forms based on your defined threshold limits. This enables instant notifications and items can be actioned with minimal delay. All action items can also be tracked and trended to identify average response times.

Live Tracking

Any data captured in InformationLeader can be exposed to live data reporting services such as Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services, enabling live resource use tracking.

Audit Scheduling

Flexible Auditing Scheduling

Multiple audit types can be scheduled for each site, with multiple due dates and audit frequencies providing greater flexibility.

Drill Down Capabilities to view Specific Records

Once audits have been performed, management or staff can drill down into the audit itself and view results and any actionable items.

Fully Versioned Records

Records saved in the past look exactly as they did at the time of capture, including all relevant attachments and summary reports – an essential requirement for auditable systems.

Electronic Signatures Lock Down Results

InformationLeader’s signatures meet and exceed electronic signature requirements and provide security from data changes after sign off.

Automated Notifications

Notifications (email, report, system messages, or workflows) can be automatically triggered before/on due dates to ensure that no revisits/site contact is missed.

Audit Management Reports

Reports can summarise any aspect of the captured information enabling more efficient management of audit schedules. Audits can be grouped by time, audit, auditor availability, priority and any other metrics recorded on the schedule form.

Customised Stakeholder Views

Reports can be customised for each stakeholder, increasing their efficiency and ensuring that they are viewing only the up to date information relevant to them. For example, auditors can run reports that only show their upcoming audits in the next two months, while audit managers can view all upcoming audits sorted by type and location.

Corrective Action Tracking

Flexible Workflow Designer

InformationLeader’s ‘Request Builder’ allows you to tailor the system workflow to the specific business requirements. Workflows can also be associated with any record captured in the system, assisting with issue management.

Can Contain Extensive Detail

All interactions with the workflow are tracked, and further information can be captured through electronic forms associated with the workflow. This enables root cause analysis, enabling businesses to focus resource allocation on solving issues.

Automated Notifications

The right stakeholders can be notified via email or system message at the right time.

Environmental Audits

Flexible Checklists to cover many standards

Having electronic records of all possible audit requirements saves carrying/transporting a multitude of paper audits and supporting documentation. Checklists can also be adapted to any changes to auditing standards or be expanded to cover new requirements.

Remote Use

InformationLeader can be used in an offline mode on Windows based devices, enabling system access in even the most remote areas.

Centralised Data Storage

Data from remote devices can be synchronised to the central database location, where follow-up issues, next audit scheduling, and other administrative tasks can be performed. Any template changes will also be automatically sent out to all remote devices, ensuring that auditors are working with the most up to date information.

Documents, Pictures, Video and Audio Can Be Attached

Supporting evidence such as documents, pictures, and other media can be electronically attached to help future review of any issues identified during the activity.

Flexible Reporting

Consistent, polished audit reports can be generated straight from the captured data at a click of a button. Tailored reports can also be generated to highlight only the areas of concern, and can also be used to flag issues that have repeatedly occurred at a particular site in the past.

Fully Versioned Records

Records saved in the past look exactly as they did at the time of capture, including all relevant attachments and summary reports – an essential requirement for auditable systems.

Supporting Tools and Documentation Can Be Attached

Documentation such as standards, policies, and procedures can be linked to audit checklists, ensuring that personnel are working with the latest information at all times. Tools such as risk calculators and decision trees can also be linked to ensure consistency and increase ease of use.

Provides efficiency gains in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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