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Increased government regulation and competitive pressure has meant that for businesses to be successful they need a finer control over processes to minimise costs and meet regulatory requirements.

To achieve this, management systems are needed to handle business information at all levels of the organisation – from initial data capture through to final reporting. Tracking this information can mean massive amounts of paperwork and a myriad of independent software solutions; both requiring a great deal of maintenance to coordinate and manage.

InformationLeader solves this problem by consolidating paper based and software based business information into a single system, while maintaining full auditability and compliance with all international regulatory requirements. Read more about how InformationLeader has provided solutions for organisations in a wide range of industries.

A Paperless System

  • Paper systems take up valuable office space, and need to be manually collated while an electronic system is efficient both in terms of space and reporting
  • Electronic reporting can provide instant indicators of progress against key performance indicators
  • An electronic system is a live system, there is no wait time between data entry and reporting
  • Paper systems have a low level of security, InformationLeader is secure and auditable

A Compliant Solution

  • Data transparency through tagging data with the username and timestamp
  • A change history is maintained for all changes to data
  • Auditable through tracking every step of the business process
  • Form versioning means that historical content and layout is retained over time
  • Electronic signatures mean that forms can be signed and countersigned with confidence
  • This means that InformationLeader satisfies all international regulatory requirements for an auditable electronic system

A Web-based Platform

  • Being a web based application InformationLeader can be run just on your intranet, or over the internet
  • There is no installation on client computers
  • Users can be set up to access the system from anywhere with a network connection and a web browser
  • Internal maintenance and support costs are reduced

Designed to grow with your business

  • Built in electronic form development tools, without the necessity for programming
  • Users can create their own electronic forms, define their own business processes and generate their reports with no programming skills necessary
  • Maintenance costs are lowered with trained staff managing the system internally
  • The system can change as your business changes, with no programmers involved

Interested in the InformationLeader difference?

Contact us now learn more about how InformationLeader can help your business.

Provides efficiency gains in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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