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Auditable, Traceable, Paperless

InformationLeader is an internationally recognised compliant web-based platform for data capture, management, and reporting.

For over two decades organisations have used InformationLeader to manage their information, introduce traceability, and acquire powerful insights from their captured data. 

InformationLeader on Multiple Devices

Proudly Australian owned and operated

 InformationLeader was built to counter the difficulties that overwhelming amounts of paperwork and disparate systems present to businesses that operate in highly regulated industries

InformationLeader consolidates paper and software-based business information into a single system, while maintaining full auditability and compliance with all national and international regulatory requirements.

Streamline your business processes with smart, fully customisable electronic form templates, traceable workflows, specialised reports, and dashboarding capabilities – all without having to develop new procedures.

Get started with InformationLeader, and make your data work for you. 

Real-time electronic data capture

Processes and their associated data is centrally maintained, allowing real-time decision making, instant escalation of issues, and eliminates double data entry.

Complete traceability of all information

Review historic data and perform on the spot audits validating your business processes.

Grows as your organisation does

The ability to maintain consistency of data and business processes across the entire organisation, growing with the business as more sites come online.

Rapid customisation

Change as fast as your business environment does – system changes can be rolled out rapidly, while operating under a robust and reliable versioning system.

Integrate with third-party software

InformationLeader can interface with other databases and applications to collect information, such financial systems, ERP software, or SCADA systems.

Reports and automation

Reporting and dashboarding capabilities provide total platform visibility, and together with intelligent automation practices make certain all key stakeholders are kept informed.

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Quality Assurance

InformationLeader has helped organisations meet stringent US FDA, EU, Japanese, and Australian requirements for over 10 years. It goes beyond just compliance requirements, instead turning compliance into continuous improvement. Data capture that meets and exceeds CFR 21 Part 11 requirements for electronic record keeping.

InformationLeader is recommended over other Quality Management Systems (QMS) because of the superior versioning and auditability capabilities, including field-level traceability.

Our clients use InformationLeader to capture, manage, and report on data for the below scenarios

Medical Device Incident Register

Process Monitoring

Metal Detection

Recipe Specifications and Batching

Cleaning in Place Logs

Micro-biological Recording and Review

Hygiene Assessment

Quality Control Check


HACCP Verification Records

Product and Production Facility Audits

Take advantage of continual business improvement.
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    The InformationLeader Platform
    Will improve your organisation in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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