Golden Circle

“From a document management point of view, InformationLeader has provided significant positive benefits to the organisation…”

– Kim Jorgensen, Quality Systems Manager, Golden Circle


What was the situation?

Based in Northgate, Brisbane, the Golden Circle main manufacturing operation is large and diverse. Over 850 farmer shareholders supply over 120,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables every year to the factory for processing.

Over the past several years, Golden Circle has invested extensively into its operations. Part of Golden Circle’s investment strategy was the bench marking of its operations utilising the latest technology, and implementing InformationLeader as the organisation’s document management software application was a result of this.


Why is this a significant change?

The InformationLeader implementation has saved the QA department enormous amounts of time by streamlining their document control process.

“Access levels have been assigned to others within the organisation to update their own documentation without the reliance on the Document Control department. This has therefore meant that the time saved in updating and superceding documents for the department can be utilised elsewhere in the operation”, Kim said.


What does the future now look like?

With document management under control, Goldern circle can now look at developing more business tools with InformationLeader.

“We are currently looking at record management processes for the 500+ suppliers that supply our products. This will include production specifications for suppliers and approvals for processes and ingredients.

We are also looking to dispense with our old customer complaints database and move to InformationLeader. Because the application is web based, greater access can be achieved and other people can input data in from other places. We can also use the application’s reporting function to tailor our reporting a lot better. I’m looking forward to rolling it out in the near future” Kim said.

Provides efficiency gains in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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