InformationLeader in the Cloud

There has been an increased shift towards cloud computing in recent years, with many leading tech companies offering various cloud services. But what exactly is cloud computing and how can it benefit your business?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of IT resources on-demand via the internet.

Simply put, rather than storing the data and applications you need on your computer’s hard drive (known as local storage) or on your local network, cloud computing allows you to save and access this information over the internet instead.

It’s likely that you are already using some cloud applications both professionally and personally to send emails, store photos, edit documents, or watch movies online.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

There are many benefits to be had from using cloud computing, such as:

  • Reduced cost — Moving to the cloud is cost-effective. Businesses can save on costs such as data storage when it is no longer necessary to host onsite. It also reduces the need for onsite IT infrastructure like servers, which can present both a large upfront cost, as well as ongoing maintenance.
  • Flexibility — Data and software aren’t bound to a specific device, so information can be accessed anywhere at any time. Operation and data storage needs can be scaled to match your business situation.
  • Increased speed and performance — cloud services are delivered using a global network of data centres. These are maintained and constantly upgraded to ensure the highest performance and efficiency.
  • Increased security and reliability — Data in the cloud is stored in numerous locations, so there is less risk of data loss from issues arising at one site. Back-ups can be made easily and stored in the cloud, again limiting the loss of information. With multiple safeguards and additional controls in place to strengthen security, your data is less vulnerable to potential threats.

InformationLeader in the Cloud

Current implementations of InformationLeader are installed on-premise and necessitate onsite IT infrastructure. However this framework is not always feasible for businesses. By moving InformationLeader from an onsite database to the cloud, businesses can take advantage of the latest software and hardware without having to commit to substantial capital expenditure. For businesses that don’t need large scale IT systems, InformationLeader hosted in the cloud is the perfect option.

One such client to benefit from Information in the cloud is Monk & Son AG Services, a family run business that provides agriculture contracting services across Victoria. The flexibility the cloud facilitates meant that InformationLeader in the cloud was the best fit for their business needs. The cloud has allowed them to take full advantage of InformationLeader’s capabilities: improving how the business operates — going from 100% paper-based to running their employee system electronically, with plans to expand into other business areas. Resources that would otherwise be dedicated to IT maintenance, are free to be used in other areas. Cloud data storage and operation can scale to suit Monk & Son AG Services, and grow as the business does.

According to Valerie Keem of Monk & Son, InformationLeader is simple but effective and has greatly streamlined aspects of their business while providing great time savings. These efficiencies were made possible by using InformationLeader in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure is the chosen cloud computing platform for InformationLeader. An industry leader in the cloud computing space, Azure is reliable, performance-focused, and easily integrates with other Microsoft tools and products.

If you’re interested in learning more about InformationLeader in the cloud, please contact us at or give us a call at 3275 0800.

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