Great news for InformationLeader in Mexico

InformationLeader has been granted authorisation by the Department of Agriculture and Fishing Safety in Mexico to be implemented by Interacción Consultoría in ‘Ganaderia y Rastro La Laguna’, a plant belonging to the SuKarne Group. SuKarne is a major influence within the global and Mexican meat industry. It has strived for innovation, both today and throughout its 48 years of operation.

InformationLeaders’ smart, fully customisable templates and traceable workflow modules will help facilitate the decision-making process and assessment of reporting in real time at SuKarne. Some benefits of using InformationLeader include: lowered administration costs, greater visibility over business processes, and the security of utilising a proven scalable cost-effective system that meets stringent global data capture and management standards.

Interacción Consultoría is an authorised re-seller of InformationLeader, and will be leading the implementation for all InformationLeader installations within Mexico. After the successful implementation at Ganaderia y Rastro La Laguna, InformationLeader will subsequently be rolled out to all other SuKarne plants.

Provides efficiency gains in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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