What sets InformationLeader apart? Pt. I

InformationLeader is the ideal data capture, management, and reporting system to replace costly paperwork in regulated environments. But do you know exactly how the InformationLeader system compares to other solutions on the market?

As a managed system InformationLeader has the advantages of full version control, regulation-compliant procedures, and a secure environment with permissioned based access (from broad organisation level access right down to field level visibility).

Paperwork and paper-based systems aren’t able to replicate the advantages of a secure and compliant electronic system. However, even unmanaged systems – such as digital checklists – are unable to provide the security or compliance-based features regulated industries require.


Customisable, fully versioned electronic templates


Using InformationLeader’s builder module, users are able to build their own custom templates to replace paper forms. Templates are customisable, so that when the need arises for a template to be updated, changes can be implemented quickly and easily. Due to versioning, data captured in the past looks exactly as it did at the time of entry, including all relevant attachments and summary reports.


Automated, customisable alerts


Due dates, and other business defined thresholds (such as items meeting or exceeding acceptable risk levels) can trigger emails, system messages, SMS, or launch workflows involving all relevant stakeholders automatically. At the point of data collection you will receive real-time notifications if data meets set specifications. This immediacy of alerts allow for swift reactions to matters that require quick response, which can also ensure compliance and a reduction in administration costs.


Automated, customisable business workflows


InformationLeader’s Request Builder module allows you to tailor workflows to your specific business requirements. Each template has a customisable workflow which can also be associated with any record captured in the system, assisting with issue management. Automated escalations can also be set for workflows: an example being that after seven days a follow up is automatically generated. Contextually aware workflows can also be created in InformationLeader. These workflows rely on specific data entered within a form to inform what next steps are taken in the process. Workflows can be tailored to accommodate feedback and testing processes as well.


Regulation compliant electronic signatures


InformationLeader’s signatures meet and exceed electronic signature requirements and provide security from data changes after sign off. Australian and New Zealand government agencies, alongside regulators from the US, Europe, and Japan, trust records signed within InformationLeader. Hand-written signatures can also be captured and used within InformationLeader.


Versioned reporting on all data in the system


Further business insight can be gained through InformationLeader’s powerful reporting features. Consistent, polished audit reports can be generated straight from the captured data at a click of a button. Tailored reports can also be generated to only highlight areas of concern and can be used to flag issues that have repeatedly occurred in the past. Response times, cause analysis, and other views into the information can be edited for a specific audience. Reports can be run on older data, using the same reports from the time of capture – so that your business can run the right reports for the right data at the right time.

InformationLeader is trusted by customers worldwide to help their businesses in highly regulated industries. Turn compliance into constant improvement by using an auditable, traceable, and paperless solution for you data capture, management and reporting needs. To learn more about how InformationLeader can help you don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Provides efficiency gains in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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