What sets InformationLeader apart? Pt. II

InformationLeader is the ideal data capture, management, and reporting system to replace costly paperwork in regulated environments. But do you know exactly how the InformationLeader system compares to other solutions on the market?

Continuing on from part one, we compare how unmanaged and paper-based systems compare to a controlled managed system such as InformationLeader.


Integrated document management system


The system has its own document management system. Documentation such as standards, policies, and procedures can be linked to templates; ensuring that personnel are working with the latest information at all times. Tools such as risk calculators, and decision trees can also be linked to ensure consistency and increase ease of use. Supporting evidence like documents, pictures, and other media can also be electronically attached to help future reviews of any issues.

All document revisions are retained in the system, enabling past records to refer to the standards and procedures that were relevant at the time. Automatic PDF watermarking also helps in limiting uncontrolled documents.


Automated task scheduler


Tasks, including but not limited to reports, reviews, audits, and requests can be generated on a periodic basis using the automated task scheduler. Forms can be scheduled for creation and then assigned to specific users or roles for an ongoing period. Quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily reports can be generated using the scheduler in order to provide a comprehensive overview of what data has been collected for a certain time period.


Complete audit trail


All data entered within InformationLeader is tagged with user data and timestamps. All changes made to information is retained in the change history, from large scale changes right down to field level auditing. This results in greater information ownership and responsibility, and ensures that InformationLeader truly is a compliant data capture, management and reporting system. Additionally, data is usable to measure efficiency KPI’s, such as time taken from creation through to completion of a form.


Integration with existing business systems


Through web services and our own API, InformationLeader is able to connect with third party systems. This allows data to be pushed from InformationLeader depending upon your business needs and circumstance. Interface items allow InformationLeader to pull data from ODBC compliant data sources, and other web APIs or web services.


Powerful search engine


Searching capabilities allow users to search through not just the keywords and metadata of documents, but also to rapidly search through the contents of any uploaded document into the system. This saves administrative time in locating and collating relevant information. InformationLeader also enables easy and fast creation of exportable charts or excel spreadsheets from form searches.

Controlled access in a secure environment


InformationLeader’s security structure ensures that only users with the correct credentials can see the information that is relevant to them. This applies to all features within InformationLeader: from participating in or closing corrective actions, to viewing and running reports or signing off forms. Restrict users to only see the forms that they create, to help ensure in greater data security.

InformationLeader is trusted by customers worldwide to help their businesses in highly regulated industries. Turn compliance into constant improvement by using an auditable, traceable, and paperless solution for you data capture, management and reporting needs. To learn more about how InformationLeader can help you don’t hesitate to contact us.

Provides efficiency gains in three main areas: information capture, management, and reporting. InformationLeader is tailored to your needs and is flexible enough to grow with your organisation and processes.

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